Waxing Vs. Shaving: What's The Best For Your Brows

Waxing Vs. Shaving: What's The Best For Your Brows

When it comes to the perfect brow, there are so many grooming options to choose from. You could shave the hairs around your brows to quickly remove any unwanted hair. Or you could wax around your brows to remove pesky hairs keeping you from having a glorious brow moment. The issue is, choosing the best method for your grooming needs and the results you want to acquire. In this guide, we’ll go over the differences of Waxing and Shaving, and what the benefits are of each.

The Benefits of Waxing Your Brows

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Waxing is one of the top, tried-and true-methods of taming unruly brows. When done professionally, waxing can be a quick, 2-3 week, long-lasting solution to removing unwanted hairs and shaping your brows into the desired shape you want. The process involves applying warm wax around the brow area, and swiftly, removing the wax to remove the hair. This is where most people have an issue with waxing. Sometimes, a brow stylist will use wax that is too hot for your skin, leading to skin irritation or burns on the wax application area. Likewise, the skin around your brows are sensitive, and the tugging from the wax could lead to irritation. Sometimes the application area swells for a few hours then calms down, however, if your skin is sensitive to waxing, the redness could last for a few days. Likewise, many waxes contain ingredients like fragrances, resins, colors, and preservatives that could cause an allergic reaction.

The Benefits of Shaving Your Brows

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Shaving eyebrows comes and returns in trend waves within the past few decades. Some of the first artifacts of shaving brows were discovered in Ancient Egypt as it was done to mourn the death of one's pet.  However, in modern (non-gloomy) trends, most women run to shaving their brows to avoid the pain of waxing or tweezing or just to use as a quick touch up in between brow shaping appointments. Although the results can last 3-7 days, some women prefer to shave their brows to maintain a more natural look. One of the main concerns with shaving brows is ingrown hairs and nicks on the skin, especially when the brows are not shaved correctly.

"I personally use my tool when my skin is dry…But if you are new at it, start with a light oil so you get a feel for the razor." -Robin Evans, of Robin Evans Brows

Due to the brow area existing on the most sensitive area of the body, people who opt for shaving their brows have to be more careful to avoid damaging the skin. Robin Evans, of Robin Evans Brows, recommends that those interested in shaving their brows do so on dry skin. “I personally use my tool when my skin is dry…But if you are new at it, start with a light oil so you get a feel for the razor.” Likewise, most women believe shaving makes their hair grow back bushy or “rough”. However, this is due to the shaved hair growing in with blunt ends, instead of tapered, which appear to make them come in fuller.

What’s Better Waxing or Shaving?

The ultimate decision is up to you! Both methods still require patience and care to avoid irritation to the skin and eyebrow hair. Whatever you choose, it's still important to do your research for the proper method that helps groom your brows safely. 

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